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We believe gravel is the most pure form of cycling. It allows you to escape society and travel the unbeaten path. We believe gravel events should be inclusive for all. Whether you’re a pro, or it’s your first time riding gravel, the stigma of “elite-ism” is not welcome here. There should be no licenses required to race. There should be no mile-long rule book. Gravel events should be treated as the grassroots of cycling, a way for varying fitness levels to come together, suffer on the same course, and most of all, challenge themselves while growing mentally and physically stronger through the process. These are the core values of Big River Gravel.


What is our WHY?

Our WHY is simple, to make every participant mentally and physically stronger while building a community. In 1994, I lost my Dad, Glen, to suicide. He was an avid outdoor enthusiast who loved to hunt and fish. No one would have guessed he was struggling with mental health until it was too late. After losing my Dad, I struggled to fit in and feel like I belonged. My Mom got me into BMX racing and I found my community. Fast forward, over twenty years later, and riding bikes is a huge part of my life. Cycling is my therapy and helps to center me. When riding hard, the suffering you can endure on a bike will make you a stronger person for life. Cycling is rhythmic and can feel like a form of meditation. My hope is this series can help you to become mentally and physically stronger, but also create a community that elevates each other and is welcoming to all.  

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